How does the Skin Conditioning Oil work?

Fundamentally, the Skin Conditioning Oil was designed to help replenish the skin’s moisture barrier. This is it’s primary mode of action and it’s main benefit to the skin.

The unique ratio of triglycerides (oils) is primarily responsible for the effectiveness of the Skin Conditioning Oil. And this actually became most apparent in during the formulation of a stand-alone scalp solution. During this process, even slight modifications to the original formulation completely changed user reported outcomes.

However, no therapeutic claims can actually be made for the products according to current FDA regulations. Making claims for the actual treatment of various skin disorders requires the product to be treated as a drug and undergo costly clinical trials.

The costs of these trails can average anywhere from $10 – $40 million even before approval (source). And trying to describe why/how the product works (in detail) inadvertently puts forward the notion that the product can treat a specific skin condition.

Since this claim can not actually be made, it becomes difficult trying to describe how it works without violating FDA regulations. Nonetheless, investigating the formulation’s ingredients can provide a more in-depth understanding of science behind this solution.

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