BIOM8 - Skin Conditioning Oil

(359 customer reviews)

A natural solution designed to help replenish the skin’s moisture barrier

  • Targets the moisture barrier
  • Direct antioxidant delivery
  • Fast absorbing
  • Excellent as a tanning oil
  • All natural ingredients
  • Can be integrated into existing routines
  • Can be added to other products
  • Minimal amount required for effectiveness
  • Aids in restoration of skin tone
  • Profits support further R&D


Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Tricaprylin (Caprylic Triglyceride), Hippophae Rhamnoids (Sea Buckthorn) Seed Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

Free from additives, preservatives or bonding agents.


User Reviews

4.65 out of 5

359 reviews

4.65 out of 5 stars

359 Reviews for the Skin Conditioning Oil

  1. Melody

    Melody (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    My SD started September of 2014 after a stressful series of events. Mostly the SD covers a portion of my forehead and down to the sides of my nose. The redness, flakiness and dryness comes and goes as it pleases. I was unable to wear makeup due to the patchiness of my skin. My self-esteem was destroyed and I avoided interacting with friends.

    I went to 3 doctors, cleaned my face meticulously, stayed in the sun, tried antifungal creams, hydrocortisol, Selsun, and Cetafil. None worked, some caused the symptom to subside only to return even worse.

    In a desperate attempt before Christmas, I crawled the web to see if there are other ‘things’ to try on my face, I stumbled upon biom8.

    This is the 4th day of applying the oil, my first thought was ‘what miracle oil is this?’. It worked so well on my face, a tiny drop of oil is all you need – it doesn’t sting, it’s just a clear oil like any Shisedo essence. On the 2nd day, the redness is gone, the flakes are subsiding, and my skin has a smoothness like before SD crept onto my face!

    I am excited to see how this goes for others, because it worked for me. Thanks, Michael!

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  2. Eric M

    Eric M (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    I suffered from Sebhorreic Dermatitis for about 12 years. My skin didn’t look horrible every day, but it never looked very good. I was almost always red on the sides of my nose, the sides of my mouth and between my eyebrows.

    In recent years, the flare-ups seemed to happen more frequently and with more intensity. Extremely irritated, usually itchy, very flaky. Basically made me embarrassed to go out because I felt like I had to explain to whoever I was talking to what was wrong with my face. Over the years I had seen several dermatologists who accurately diagnosed the condition but nothing they prescribed for me worked very well. The only thing that provided any noticeable relief was Fluticasone, but only after a bad flare-up. There was nothing preventative about it. And anyway, I’m not trying to put steroid cream on my face every day.

    I ordered Biom8 after reading all the positive reviews and was extremely hopeful but simultaneously skeptical. My skepticism was put to rest after about one week of regular use. I ordered the skin conditioning oil, and applied it once in the morning and once at night, and after 3 days my skin started to clear up. The first thing to go was the flakiness, which for me was always the grossest part. After that, I noticed the redness started to disappear as well. And after about one week of applying twice a day, my face was probably as clear as it had looked in over 10 years. I still had a slight skepticism in the back of my mind that it was only going to provide temporary relief and I would eventually break out again, but I’m extremely relieved to say that I’m about 3 months into using it and I haven’t had one single flare up since the day I started. Even after a night of heavy drinking, which was always the one thing that would absolutely destroy my face, I haven’t had a flare up. After the first week I went from twice a day to once a day, and after a few weeks I started only using it maybe once every other day.

    On a recent visit to a dermatologist for something unrelated I told her about the product and showed her the ingredient list and she said it seemed legit and told me that if it’s working to keep using it.

    Truly amazing product and cannot recommend it highly enough.

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  3. vinetta118

    vinetta118 (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    The Biom8 skin conditioning oil is the first remedy that has ever worked for my SD. I have waited for a year to write this review – as I wanted to see if the product is really working and actually has long term effects. I have had moderate flaking and itchiness around my nose, eyebrows, scalp and occasionally on my eyelids for most of my adult life. I have tried pretty much everything available as for prescription drugs and over the counter remedies with not much success.

    I have started using Biom8 once a day, a very small amount on wet skin – all SD symptoms on my face have disappeared in about a 4-5 days. I have been using it for the past year – even forgetting to apply it for weeks on end as my skin is so clear and it looks perfectly healthy. I do have the very occasional, hardly noticeable flareup on one side of my nose if I go too long without using it, but usually it goes away after a couple of days when I start applying the oil again. For my scalp I am using a selenium based shampoo, it works perfectly.

    I have to mention however – I have stopped using every other product on my face for the past year: no face-creams, moisturisers, serums or even eye wrinkle cream. Absolutely nothing. I tend to think now, they were part of the problem, keeping the SD flaring up. It took some getting used to but my skin feels perfectly fine now. I drink plenty of water that should take care of keeping my skin moisturised from within. As for make-up, I am using eye-makeup only – however the occasional use of foundation doesn’t seem to present any problem.

    I hope you guys will keep making this wonderful product, it really has worked for me! Can not thank you enough!


  4. Mark Benjie Baal

    Mark Benjie Baal (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    I was on cream steroids every other day for my face consistently for 7 years until I found this product and started using it Nov. of 2019. Until now, I haven’t been able to use any type of steroids. Currently on my 3rd order ( I bulk buy to save shipping fee to Australia). I am so happy for not being able to use steroids anymore. I have been a happy customer since 2019. And to be honest, this is the first time I have ever written a review for a product. This conditioning oil is just amazing! To Michael who did all the hard work for us, cheers mate! You’re a legend!


  5. alba_06

    alba_06 (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    It’s been 3 months since I started using BIOM8.
    I would never write a review about a product, but I am this happy and this amazed by the results that I wanted it to share it.
    I’ve suffered from dermatitis since I was little. Throught this last 3 years I used raw honey and coconut oil as my face mask to prevent my face from the dermatitis.
    And It worked 60% but lattely my face was starting to get red and it ached again.
    I had to put raw honey on my face two times a day and 3h every other week.
    I was really aming to find at least something that could help me with my dermatitis and I didn’t care if I had to put raw honey on my face every day if the aching and redness would disappear even a little.
    Beacuse it is really awfull to wake up every day with your face aching and watching your face pretty red.
    But lately this remedy wasn’t working as good as it did before, so I was like, ok! Let’s find a solution! I’m sure there is one!
    So here I was on this webside reading about BIOM8 and I didn’t thought it twice. I was like, let’s try this one.
    And oh my god, the changes were drastically visible in two or three days. And I’ve never been happier!
    It is so much better than with the raw honey mask I would do. Because Biom8 it’s not as sticky as honey.
    And once I tried it it was as if I no longer had dermatitis anymore!!!!!
    I even apply it just 4 times a week and it works just fine. Just 2 drops of this oil and you are ready to go!
    It is amazing.
    I am really happy to have found this oil because it is really a miracle to not have dermatitis anymore and see my skin this gorgeous!
    I never thought I would write a review on a product, but here I am. This one deserves it.


  6. Anthony


    5 out of 5

    After having moderate inflammation and flaking around my nose and mouth roughly 80% of the time in any given month since I was 15, I started using BIOM8 – Skin Conditioning Oil 2 weeks ago. I am 30 now.

    The inflammation disappeared within 2-3 days and I have been practically blemish free since using the oil. I apply the oil approx. once every 2 days or so.

    I have never gone this long without a flare up, so I believe this product is a game changer. I’ve also been drinking 2 cups of coffee a day and eating plenty of carbs, red meat, and other foods often blamed for SD.

    I am incredibly grateful for this product and I cannot recommend it enough!

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  7. Josh Gafni

    Josh Gafni (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    This product is the only one that has worked for me in 10 years. I feel so strongly about this that I created my first YouTube upload about it:

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  8. Bobby B

    Bobby B (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    I have suffered from SD and psoriasis my entire adult life. Steroids, immunosuppressants, light therapy, countless medications and natural remedies, and nearly 20 years left me no closer to finding relief. A few good days would be followed by weeks of embarrassing blemishes on my face and scalp, painful dandruff, bleeding skin. It was an emotional rollercoaster that never seemed to end.

    So when my wife stumbled upon Biom8, I was justifiably skeptical. I wasn’t interested in a too-good-to-be-true miracle product that was only going to get my hopes up, maybe relieve my symptoms for a week, then end up in the back of my medicine cabinet until I threw it away a year later.

    But she ordered it for me and I gave it a try. The first week or two I didn’t see much change, and I had read that most people see results immediately. I almost gave up.

    Instead I read the directions a little more carefully. I had used about a quarter of the bottle in just a few weeks, and I decided to really dial it back. They are not kidding when they say to use a tiny amount. I use about 3 drops for my entire face and scalp (I shave my head so I’m not putting it in any hair) and the change has been dramatic to say the least.

    I just reordered after however many months the rest of that bottle lasted me at 3 tiny drops a day. I’ve been without visible symptoms for months. I leave the house every day without stress or embarrassment. I feel like myself, finally, after what feels like a lifetime.

    I know this product probably won’t be a magic cure for everyone, but I wanted to add my voice to the crowd of people for whom Biom8 really works. And I especially wanted to point out that when I was using too much of it, my results were not great. It’ll shock you how much a difference such a small amount of this stuff will change your skin.

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  9. Brittney

    Brittney (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    I am amazed by how well this product works. I’ve had terribly flaky skin on my scalp for the past 4 years, and I’ve tried a million products, all of which seemed to only exacerbate the problem. I gave up, and tried tried to hide the flakes under headbands.

    But after ONE APPLICATION, almost all my flakes disappeared! And it seems like I’ll be able to manage my scalp using this product only a couple times a month. It does have a faint strange smell, but it’s absolutely worth it.


  10. Donna Schnare

    Donna Schnare (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    I bought Feed Your Skin a few years ago and kind of forgot about it. The last couple of years my eczema, dermatitis and auto immune have flared up tremendously. Thank goodness I had kept my bottle of BIOM8 – used it last night on some of my eczema and I cannot believe how well it worked. It decreased the itching and scaling. I am so glad I found you online and will be purchasing more soon. This works better than the anti fungal and corticoid steroid my dermatologist gave me. Thank you so much!

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  11. LM

    LM (verified owner)

    5 out of 5


  12. Marc Desrosiers

    Marc Desrosiers (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    Works excellent for me.
    Cleared up my SD within 4-5 days.
    I re-apply every 2 days after I shave, and it has not come back.
    Guys… MUCH MUCH better on the face if you are clean shaven.
    Same with the chest.


  13. ed

    ed (verified owner)

    3 out of 5

    I first bought biom8 back in 2016 after years of red flaky facial seb derm and many years of hydrocortisone use (as a daily moisturiser even) and then a horrid year of steroid withdrawal. It was my holy grail product for about 4 years and cleared up my face wonderfully – no redness, no flakes, even oiliness had reduced massively. My routine was just moisturise after shower w/ Neutrogena clear and defend, and then pm: biom8 and sometimes a benzoyl peroxide cream for hormonal acne.

    HOWEVER, and very unfortunately, my skin started to go pear shaped again during covid lockdown in 2020, even with this winning minimal routine. After taking a break from biom8, every time i’ve went back to it, my face immediately erupts into redness leaving it very tight and hot, akin to an allergic reaction. If I use just MCT oil from Amazon, it works fairly well and similar, but not as good as the peak of my earlier biom8 years. The redness and oiliness have returned, seemingly permanently and biom8 only seems to make it worse now. I remember thinking if biom8 ever stopped production, I would be screwed. It turns out I am screwed regardless, since either my skin has suddenly changed and become even more intolerant/hypersensitive, or the biom8 formula has changed.

    Had I rated this product any time between 2016-2020, it would have been an easy 5 stars. But the frustration of being unable to use it anymore for some unknowable reason forced me to write this review. I wonder if this has happened to anyone else, but I really hope it hasn’t.

    27 Year old Male from UK


  14. Joseph byrd

    Joseph byrd (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    This shit is the real deal. They say there is no cure for SD but this is close enough. I’ve been using it daily, and haven’t had an outbreak in probably a year. It takes a week or two to take full affect, in healing the itchy burning stinging scales and pustules. After that, maybe another two weeks for the redness to disappear. I had SD on my nose, cheeks, chin, ears, and hairline. I had outbreaks at least once a month and I tried literally every remedy on the market over the past few years. Nothing worked. Hard stop. This oil changed my life. This is my second review. I am not paid or in any way associated with this company, other than being on my second bottle of oil, which I purchased from them. I was so embarrassed and my self esteem was dead. I felt dirty, and embarrassed to show my ugly face in public. I even resorted to cetaphil pigmented sunblock to cover the redness. It was a terrifying experience, to have something like this progressively spreading across my entire face and scalp, and knowing there was no cure. I purchased biom 8 after reading all of the reviews, and seeing that probably 90% were positive. I’m glad I made that decision!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m completely free of any trace


  15. Kristen Luke

    Kristen Luke (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    Did not know why for so many years- since a teen- I get dry flaky skin that causes acne and congestion in my skin. It even has created rosacea. For a long time, I used just these two items – the spray and the oil together and my skin was amazing! I use some other items not but still use these both, too. And, they are amazing! I have been using them for about 5 years now.


  16. mwhelan611

    mwhelan611 (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    Ive waited far too long to write this review, but I have to say that this product has done more for me than words can ever express.

    Long story short, I had SD since my early teens and had just about given up on ever getting over it, until I tried BIOM8.

    My SD was horrible. My hypothesis is that it was set off by an acne medication that I was prescribed when I was in high school. Redness, irritation, flakiness and itching/burning around my cheeks, nose, eyebrows and jawline. As I went into college, it got so bad that I was missing class out of sheer embarrassment. I tried several products but to no avail. finally, I saw a dermatologist who prescribed ketoconazole and several other creams, and It finally got better. as the months rolled on, however, it got worse and by a year it was back to how it was. this pattern continued for years: I would see a dermatologist, they would prescribe something, it would improve for a while , and then it would regress to the original state. fast forward several years, and it reached a new low. I was deployed to Iraq, my SD had gotten so out of hand that I almost accepted that this would be my reality for the rest of my life. My self esteem was non-existent, as it had been for pretty much my entire adult life up to that point. I decided to stop taking the shampoos and creams that had been offering no help with my symptoms, and I began looking online at SD blogs and chat boards. this was around 2019, and sadly I can’t remember the name of the blog or the author ( otherwise I would absolutely name-drop them), but there were several products available without a prescription that many people were raving about as helping their SD symptoms, and BIOM8 was one of them. I figured I had nothing to lose, so I bought a bottle as well as a couple other products, and tried them. the first 2 didn’t do much, and I began to try BIOM8. I started with 2-3 pumps on my bad spots per day , and began to taper it off as the weeks went by. within 3 weeks my symptoms were GONE. redness, itching/flaking, irritation, dryness- all of it had subsided. it was incredible to see. my only regret is that I didn’t take before and after photos. Ive been using it ever since and my SD has never returned to the original affected areas.

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you BIOM8. I cannot recommend it enough and will be a customer for life.


  17. Ephraim

    Ephraim (verified owner)

    1 out of 5

    I really do wish I could say this worked for me. I tried it for 9 days, a light coating 2x/day. The flare-ups are even worse than before – my skin is flaking off rapidly and painfully, so I am moving on. I do have to say the ebook is excellent, and I don’t feel like this was a waste of money for me, as I have tried a wide range of things over the years with only 1 prescription medicine working well. Sadly, the medicine isn’t intended to be for long term use, and as soon as I quit applying it, the SD comes back. So, back to exploring options.


  18. Alex


    5 out of 5

    If you are dealing with Sebhorreic Dermatitis, stop whatever you are taking and buy Biom8 now. I have literally been prescribed everything from Nutriseb to various doses of hydrocortisone and NOTHING worked (or something would work for a couple weeks and then stop working). Like many of the reviews, I bought this product after being at my wits end and willing to try anything. I have been using this product since before the pandemic and I still give it five stars (I would give it 6 if I could). I rarely leave reviews but I couldn’t help myself. This product has changed my life.


  19. Wellington

    Wellington (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    i’m using it for about 28 days
    it recovered my skin as fast and naturally as any product I’ve used before (and I’ve used many)
    This OIL is PERFECT
    big thanks to the owner who also suffers from dermatitis too and found the perfect combination to make it
    Hey if wouldnt for you there would still have lot of people suffering at the greedy hands of drugstores
    Greetings from ??


  20. (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    Always the sceptic, I’m always reluctant to buy/try products but decided to give this a go.
    Personally, this has really worked for me. Skin has cleared up, dry red skin has gone and I would very much recommend this product, at least give a go.


  21. Nicolai

    Nicolai (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    Best Product ever, iIt helps me a lot with my SD. Thank you very much for this Produkt.


  22. Jake W

    Jake W (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    I’ve tried Biom8 a few times now over the past 5 years and sometimes it works great and other times it didn’t seem to help. I think i finally figured out why. At least for my situation.

    If I have a flare, it will not heal unless conditions are perfect. These conditions are: diet, sunlight and skin health. I have to be doing all 3 to heal.

    There’s been times in the winter where I have a flare, I make sure my diet is good and I’m using biom8, but I don’t see results because there’s no sunlight.

    Currently, I am in the summer getting plenty of sunlight and made sure my diet is good, but my skin health was poor because of the super dry climate I live in now. As soon as I added biom8 to the equation, I began to see healing.

    In short — biom8 works great for me as long as it’s part of a holistic approach to skincare.

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  23. Michael Hamilton

    Michael Hamilton (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    I almost never leave feedback on products, but man.. I cannot be more grateful to have found this. I’ve been dealing with facial dermatitis since I was like 20-21 (I’m 36 now), and have never found anything that truly helped. This has made such a dramatic change in my skin. I finally don’t feel nervous to make eye contact with people, due to flare-ups. I even stopped washing my face with soap, just cold water as suggested. If you are on the fence about trying it, just do it. I feel so blessed to have stumbled across this.


  24. dogartshow

    dogartshow (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    Been using this product on and off for 6 years to deal with my flare-ups of psoriasis and nothing has been as effective and inconspicuous as biom8. Consistent use of this on my facial spots has made them less angry. All these years later and I’m still a believer!


  25. Conor Baylis

    Conor Baylis

    5 out of 5

    Hi Michael, I had eczema as a kid on my wrists and the back of my knees. My mom put me on a diet(no wheat, dairy, sugar) when I was in 3rd grade for a year. Although it wasn’t easy it did knock out my conditions. I didn’t see symptoms again till I was 25 and it showed up on my feet. Lasted for about a year then it was gone. I’m 39 now and I’d say about 3 years ago is when I started showing signs of SD on my scalp. It progressed to my face and then onto my chest. It got worse and worse and inspired me to find a solution. I tried so many things, nothing was consistent and nobody had the answers. I’m so impressed with your story and of course your product. You really did it. I can only hope I can help people as much as you have one day.


  26. Marcel

    Marcel (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    Other moisturizers would irritate my face, this one works great for my face when I’m consistently using it at least once a day. I wash my face in the morning with a wet washcloth first and let it dry for a few minutes before applying the oil. Also, at a time where everything is getting more expensive I appreciate the price of this product staying the same. Thank you for creating this product.


  27. Mattias

    Mattias (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    I have had SD for more than 25 years and it has been quite a life struggle. Over the years, doctors have prescribed me different steroid creams, such as Protopic, Tacrolimus, Daktacort and Pevisone, that would work for a couple of weeks and then I would need to ramp up the dose and eventually the effect would be 90% gone.

    Some years ago there it felt like there was no cream left to try and my SD was out of control. I stopped the creams totally and got horrendous flare ups for months. During this time I started following different tips online, such as following a strict vegan diet and eliminating all processed sugar and oils, drink lots of water, not using any products on my face and scalp, moderate work out and walks every day and moderate sun exposure (it was summer time). In a month, I would have about 3 weeks of hell, 1 week of OK looking skin. This went on for about half a year.

    Then I remember having read about Biom8. I hadn’t bothered looking it up properly but in desperation I read more about the product and about the research of its founder. The research resonated with me since I thought it pointed in the same direction as my own experimentation. I ordered 2 bottles and since then, more than 2 years later, I have only used Biom8 in my face, no other products what so ever. I wash my face daily (once or twice) with only water. When using Biom8, my SD is about 98% gone and my face feels better than in ages. I use the oil once or twice per day, in my face and some times in my scalp.

    The tight, dry feeling the steroid creams gave me is gone. The creams used to make the side of my mouth crack up and my skin got really red at times, this is also gone. I can once again have a bit longer hair without the SD going out of control. Even though my skin is naturally oily, I don’t feel the product makes my skin more oily. Weirdly, I feel it rather helps taking away the oily feeling I would have before.

    I am profoundly grateful for this product and the research made by the founder. It’s quite amazing that this product helps me more than any prescribed cream out there. It shows that it some times can be really useful to do your own research (fact based, mind you) and get results that are far better than what any doctor’s knowledge can get you.



  28. Rick

    Rick (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    I’ve been a user since 2019 and this is my first review. This product absolutely works!
    I’ve really gotten good at using Biom8 over the years and have tamed my seborrhea dermatitis problem. At first years ago I had read all the information I could find, along with Michael’s pdf book which is a great read btw, I recommend it! When I read what he tried at first, I too tried using Cetaphil, but it did not work nearly as good as the Biom8 alone, but the Cetaphil lotion was a really convenient way to apply. When applying Biom8 straight to my face and sides of my nose, after some 8 hours I did have a slight smell to my face (must be a reaction to my face oils) …but because it was so close to my nose was easy to smell (a slightly rancid type smell although the oil itself in the bottle does Not have smell so I knew it was some kind of reaction to My own oils)
    …Anyway, I had this idea, I added 300 drops of Biom8 to a 10oz bottle of Cetaphil, shake, shake, shake it really really really well to get it thoroughly blended – which is Very Difficult because a new Cetaphil bottle is already so full! ..So much better now instead is that I have an empty Cetaphil bottle, and use that to pump out ‘One Third’ of the new bottle right into the empty bottle, which very importantly allows me to add 100 drops of Biom8 into that, and being only one third full makes it much much easier to shake and blend thoroughly the two ingredients together. When I use that batch up, I do the same procedure again. And fwiw, it’s very helpful to ‘add drops’ by using the ‘Precision Tip’ adapter that screws onto your bottles; you can get that ‘Precision Tip’ by choosing to order that Biom8 100ml size combination from the drop down choices available, or you can ask to buy it separately along with a current order for a small charge. I buy the Biom8 250ml bottles now, and when my 100ml gets empty I just refill it.

    I think the Biom8 of course is the most important ingredient in the combo, the Cetaphil is the compatible carrier.

    Long story short, wow, after applying the Biom8/Cetaphil combo ..and at the end of the day it still has no smells (very little) ..and it’s very easy to apply. Every few days I apply to my affected nose and forehead area, and other areas. I also put some on a warm washcloth and gently wipe it on and off over those areas; sometimes very gently exfoliating. It wasn’t long my skin problem for the first time ever was completely gone! I do use it twice a week to help keep everything tamed.
    Love, Love, Love Biom8 !

    I also have problems with my scalp, so I had another idea, which I had first asked Michael once if he had a head shampoo of his product. He said he was always working on one, but none currently. Anyway I had found that applying Biom8 directly to my head and leaving it overnight was a messy proposition, oil all over my hair, my hands, my pillows, everything I touched, then afterwards that telltale smell …this was not going to be a convenient way to apply to my head. Light bulb moment, another long story short, I thought, hey, why don’t I take my best natural shampoo that I like (which btw by itself does not solve my scalp problems at all) ..and my idea was to every time I wash my hair, I put a good dab of my favorite natural shampoo (I like “ShiKai Everyday Shampoo”) ..I put a dab of that into my hand, and then add 20-30 drops of Biom8 oil into my hand with it, gently rub both into my hair and scalp together, let set for 5 minutes, and rinse it out. (I suppose you could also apply Biom8 directly to your hair, rub it in on affected areas, and after 5 minutes wash it out with your shampoo, that worked for me too) I prefer the way I said at first though, it’s easier and all one step, and for me this works very well! Anyway either way, Best dandruff and seborrhea dermatitis itchy control I’ve ever used, and I tried them all.

    These are the best methods I’ve found to ever work so far for me, and, at the same time be healthy for my skin. I’m happy to make this review, it’s the least I can do to help others too, because I am grateful to finally solve (quell) the dreaded problem!


  29. Nic

    Nic (verified owner)

    5 out of 5

    Started developing red, itchy, flakey patches on my face and scalp around 3-4 years ago. Read everything online, and determined it was Seborrheic dermatitis. Tried a bunch of products and shampoos etc. Nothing worked. Bought this soon after and it all cleared up within a few days. As long as I use it every couple days, it never comes back. The only times it has ever returned is when I’ve run out or forgotten to apply it for a week+. Been using it for years and I will continue to.

    Can’t stress how amazing this product is.


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