Frequently Asked Questions

The Skin Conditioning Oil uses food grade ingredients and should be safe for use while pregnant. The Probiotic Repair Spray uses all natural ingredients and methods in it’s production, however the end-result is not food grade and you may want to consult with your physician regarding it’s usage.

The date you receive your order will depend on several factors; including shipping service used, your location and which day your order is received.

Order Processing Time

Order are typically shipped 2-3 days after the order has been received. During regular work weeks, orders go out every Monday and Thursday morning.

Estimated Shipping Times

Here are some of the most popular shipping services and the relative estimated shipping time.

These estimates are subject to change and most current estimates will be available at the postal company’s website.

USA – United States Postal Service

  • First Class Mail – 3-5 business days
  • Priority Mail – 2-3 business days
  • Priority Mail Express – 1-2 business days
  • Flat Rate – 2-5 business days (specific service used depends on order size)

All USA bound orders are original shipped from Vancouver, Canada. In order for your order to ship via USPS, a courier service is used. This extra step adds a business day to the estimated delivery time.

Canada – Canada Post

  • Expedited – 3-5 business days
  • XpresssPost – 2-3 business days
  • Priority – 1-2 business days

International – Canada Post or USPS

  • Small Packet Air – 8-12 business day
  • Tracked Packet – 6-10 business days
  • XpressPost – 4-8 business days
  • Priority Mail International – 6-10 business days

A Canadian version of the website is also available where the pricing has been converted to CAD. If you would like to access this website please head over to

Everything on the primary website ( was setup to charge in USD because the majority of users are located in the USA and most production/shipping costs are in USD.

The BIOM8 formulation’s impact on skin barrier function may still be beneficial, however it is difficult to gauge the impact this would have in such circumstances.

The standard international shipping estimate is 8-12 business days via the lowest cost shipping method (Canada Post – Small Packet Air). There are also faster shipping methods available, such as Tracked Packet and Xpresspost, but these methods are significantly more costly.

Small Packet Air shipments to Europe are usually on the lower end of the 8-12 business day estimate (except for Germany, which has a stringent customs process that can at times create delays). Other international locations are usually closer to the 12 business day mark.

Certain events such as additional customs processing or holidays throughout the shipment route can extend delivery times. These events are hard to predict and each case needs to be evaluated individually.

All formulation available through the website are currently being shipped worldwide. Please confirm your countries customs policies to ensure cosmetics are not banned from import.

Some countries have strict import bans for cosmetics and skin care products. Though care is taken prevent orders to these countries, changing import policies can create issues. If you are unsure, please check your local import policies regarding the matter.

The Asendia shipping service utilizes a three step process:

Asendia Shipping Process - Step 1
Initial transport of the shipment from Vancouver, Canada to Los Angeles, USA is handled by a private courier named ChitChats
Asendia Shipping Process - Step 2
Once the shipment arrives in Los Angeles, Asendia processes the item through their outbound warehouse and handles transport to the destination country
Asendia Shipping Process - Step 4
At the destination country, the item is inspected by customs and is presented to the corresponding national postal service (Australia Post, Deutsche Post, etc.) for final delivery

Tracking Information Consolidation

As a result of this three step process, each shipment is assigned three separate tracking IDs during it’s journey; one by ChitChats, another by Asendia, and the last is an internationally accepted S10 tracking identifier.

Sample tracking codes

If all systems are functioning as they should, each subsequent tracking number should pass it’s details to the previous system.

For this reason, the ChitChats identifier is generally preferred (as it contains all tracking data from start to finish). However, in certain cases, not all details are correctly passed along. This is especially true for the final S10 tracking identifier, which becomes available once the item is transferred to the national postal authority in the destination country.

Once the S10 identifier becomes available, it is recommenced you review the tracking data directly via your national postal service for the most detailed and timely updates.

None of the currently available BIOM8 formulations have been tested on animals. Safety is ensure through usage of proven ingredients with low toxicity profiles.

Due to the nature of this formulation, usage this close to the eyes is not recommended. When using on the face, it is recommended to first spray liquid into the palm and apply using your finger tips (as opposed to spraying directly onto the face).

The Topical Recovery Spray contains a probiotic ferment, which is the result of Lactobacillus Acidophilus grown with two unique foods sources. The ferment itself is actually the functional ingredient and not the probiotics used in the process.

Two Different Growth Mediums

One of the growth mediums uses fatty acids found in the coconut fruit, similar to the original Skin Conditioning Oil formulation. The second growth medium uses various other natural fatty acids, such as undecylenic acid found in castor beans

These two different growth mediums produce end products that provide a natural alternative to synthetic anti-microbial and anti-fungal agents.

A Simple Formula

The ingredients list is quite minimal and this was done on purpose. A minimal approach allows for easier integration into existing skin care routines and reduces the chance of a negative reaction.

At it’s most basic level a fat molecule (triglyceride) is made up of individual fatty acids with a number unique carbon chains. The carbon chain of individual fatty acids can range from 2 to 28 carbons.

Most sources group all known fatty acids into the following basic categories:

  • Short chain (fewer then 6 carbons)
  • Medium chain (6-12 carbons)
  • Long chain (13 to 21 carbons)
  • Very long chain (more then 21 carbons)

As strange as it may sound, the main component of vinegar (acetic acid) is technically considered a short chain fatty acid. And in fact, it is the fatty acid with the shortest carbon chain found in nature.

Fats and oils are actually triglycerides. A triglyceride, is combination of three fatty acids bonded together by a glycerol (more commonly known as glycerin).

On their own, short and medium-chained free fatty acids (not in their triglyceride form) can be quite odorous.

The best example of this are dairy products, such as butter or cheese, that give off a strong odor. In these cases, single short chain fatty acids (butyric acid) become liberated from their glycerol bond and the fats begin to give off strong odors.

Accordingly, caprylic acid (as a free fatty acid) can give off quite an strong odor. However, when the fatty acids are bonded together with glycerol (through esterfication) the resulting caprylic acid triglycerides do not produce any strong odors.

In summary, the level of odor that an oil produces appears to be directly proportional to the amount of free fatty acids present (source).

Powder forms of caprylic acid are actually most common in the form of fatty acid salts. For example, magnesium caprylate, calcium caprylate, or zinc caprylate are the forms of caprylic acid most commonly found in nutritional supplements.

The Skin Conditioning Oil should easily integrate into other skin care regimens. However, you may want to start slow and spot-test on smaller areas to see how your skin reacts.

Using A Product After Application

Using a topical product after the Skin Conditioning Oil application may have slight impact on the overall outcome. This would occur because the second product could modify the percentage of anti-fungal lipids provided by the BIOM8.

For example, based the specific ingredients found in Finacea Gel, it would appear that the base of the cream is made up of similar fatty acids to the BIOM8. And based on this, it should not take away from any potential results.

Using A Product Prior to Application

Most individuals report using mild facial cleansers or washes prior to applying the Skin Conditioning Oil. This should not alter results as the previous product is washed off prior to BIOM8 application.

Nevertheless, some products may actually have a negative impact on seborrheic dermatitis on their own. In this case the skin may be aggravated by the initial product, which would impact overall progress.

The main issue around the eyes is actually getting it into your eye. If it goes into the eye it would cause irritation (like almost any other substance).

The ingredients used in the formulation are food grade (with the exception of the Vitamin E) and there are no volatile oils (such as essential oils) that could cause secondary effect.


The eyelashes can be a really tricky area. Hard to say how applicable the oil would be for this area. Nonetheless, if the skin improves in the surrounding areas, the eyelash area may also benefit.

Application on the outside of the ear should not pose any issues. Going right inside the ear canal, may not be recommended as it may result in some drainage issues.

If it’s the outside, applying the oil into the palm and then massaging into the skin is still recommended. This approach helps with more even application.

Both the Skin Conditioning Oil and the Probiotic Repair Spray can be used together with sun screen. However, in order to ensure proper absorption it is essential to apply either of the formulations prior to the sun screen.

This is an oil free formulation and none of the ingredients should present any issues for acne prone skin. There haven’t been any negative reports about it’s effects on acne at this time.

The BIOM8 Topical Recovery Spray main mode of action doesn’t actually depend on the probiotics themselves, but on the by-products of the fermentation process. As a result, the Topical Recovery Spray will not loose potency during shipment and does not need to be refrigerated.

The shelf life for the Topical Recovery Spray is 2 years from date of manufacturing. And manufacturing date is typically not more then a few weeks before shipment (products are made in small batches and inventory levels are kept at a minimal).

Does the Topical Recovery Spray need refrigeration?

The BIOM8 Topical Recovery Spray main mode of action doesn’t actually depend on the probiotics themselves, but on the by-products of the fermentation process. As a result, the Topical Recovery Spray will not loose potency during shipment and does not need to be refrigerated.

All ingredients are sourced directly from ingredient manufactures in the USA or their recommend distributors here in Canada. This helps ensure that the ingredients are pure and freshly produced.

Both products are stable at room temperature. However, refrigeration would drastically improve shelf life of both products (much more significant for the Skin Conditioning Oil).

This happens when the Skin Conditioning Oil is exposed to prolonged high heat during the shipping process. As a result, the natural oils quickly go rancid. When this happens, some of the fatty acids undergo a transformation and may begin to give off a foul odor.

It it has hard to predict what conditions the shipment will be exposed to on it’s way. Finding ways to reduce shipping time without increasing costs is always a priority.

In any case, the oil should not give off any intense odor. If you run into this issue, please submit an order support request.

The top recommended depends on the specific use case. In short, Spray Pump is best for facial applications, Precision Tip for scalp applications and the Refill Top for refilling the small bottles.

In more detail, here’s a brief description of each top:

Spray Pump

This is the most popular top. It is recommended for facial applications, but it’s main benefit is it makes is easy to dispense a minimal amount. Spraying a few pumps into the hand is quick, clean and always provides a standard portion.

The 30ml Skin Conditioning Oil comes with a Spray Pump

Precision Tip

The precision tip was released to allow more direct application to the scalp. The pointed tip can be used between the hair shafts and this helps to reduce the amount of oil that get’s absorbed into the hair.

Refill Top

This top is only offered on the 250ml version of the Skin Conditioning Oil. It doesn’t have much functionality and is intended for the simple refilling of the smaller bottles.

The Skin Conditioning Oil is a simple blend of commonly found triglycerides (oils) and Vitamin E. Though common, when used in the right proportions these oils can have a synergistic effect and provide a myriad of beneficial effects on the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Mixed Tocopherols:

The mixed tocopherols used in the Skin Conditioning Oil are simply a blend of tocopherols isolated from vegetables oils and concentrated to contain naturally occurring d-alpha, d-beta, d-gamma and d-delta tocopherols.

Some studies suggest that Vitamin E is the predominant physiological barrier antioxidant in human skin (source). And it’s presence can play an integral role in inhibition of epidermal lipid peroxidation (source). Additionally, these tocopherols guard against oxidation of the oils themselves and help extend the product’s shelf life.

Caprylic Acid:

Caprylic triglycerides are most commonly extracted from coconut and palm fruit. It’s presence in the formulation comes from two places, a purified extract and from the MCT base of the formulation.

Caprylic acid is well known for it’s anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties (source) and ability to act as a humectant. It also has the unique ability to provide a moisture barrier with minimal effect on the skin’s TEWL (transepidermal water loss) (source).

Decanoic Acid:

The decanoic acid (also known as capric acid) is a component of the MCT base oil (which is also the second source of caprylic acid) used in the formulation.

Similar to caprylic acid, they have been shown to have significant anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, while also having excellent moisturization effects on the skin.

Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil:

The sea buckthorn seed oil is extracted from the small dark seeds of the sea buckthorn plant

It is documented to be a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids, phytosterols, carotenoids and flavonoids, and are known to have significant anti-atherogenic activity (source).

The oils present in the formulation are non-comedogenic and should not clog pores. The majority of feedback has been neutral.

There have been reports ranging from acne improvement, no effect at all, and even slight worsening.

Reducing the amount of oil used can been it’s effect on acne at a minimal. And spot testing on small amounts of skin can help gauge the impact the formulation may have on your skin.

None of the BIOM8 formulations contain steroids. All the ingredients are presented on the ingredients label.

Long term steroid usage can have a variety of negative effects on the skin. And this is actually one of the main issues many current users aim to solve by switching to a natural solution.

The precision tip version of the Skin Conditioning Oil is currently recommended for scalp usage. It features a pointed tip and allows for more direct application, helping to reduce wastage and ensure the product gets delivered to the skin’s surface.

Regardless of the top, there are three population scalp application methods. This includes:

  • 3-5 minute scalp applications
  • Integration into a shampoo
  • Overnight treatment

3-5 Minute Scalp Applications

This is preferred scalp application method.

While in the shower, rinse the hair well with water. Next, massage the Skin Conditioning Oil directly into your wet scalp. Let the oil sit for 3 to 5 minutes, absorbing into the skin. And finally wash off with your regular shampoo.

When shampooing, try to be gentle on the scalp. Being gentle, should allow a small portion of the oil to be left on the skin.

Integration Into a Shampoo

Adding a few drops into the your shampoo can be an easy way to integrate the oil into your routine. It may not provide enough time for the oil to really do it’s job, but it is a fairly popular approach among users.

When using this method, it is advisable to mix the two products in your hand at each application (instead of premixing a whole bottle). As premixing make the oils can effect shelf life and make the oils more prone to going rancid.

Overnight Treatment

Some users have reported leaving the Skin Conditioning Oil on their scalps overnight. This gives the oil plenty of time to really absorb into the scalp.

If you plan to do this method, it as advisable to cover your pill or wear a shower cap. Without taking adequate precautions, an oily residue will be left on your pillow and sheets.

Fundamentally, the Skin Conditioning Oil was designed to help replenish the skin’s moisture barrier. This is it’s primary mode of action and it’s main benefit to the skin.

The unique ratio of triglycerides (oils) is primarily responsible for the effectiveness of the Skin Conditioning Oil. And this actually became most apparent in during the formulation of a stand-alone scalp solution. During this process, even slight modifications to the original formulation completely changed user reported outcomes.

However, no therapeutic claims can actually be made for the products according to current FDA regulations. Making claims for the actual treatment of various skin disorders requires the product to be treated as a drug and undergo costly clinical trials.

The costs of these trails can average anywhere from $10 – $40 million even before approval (source). And trying to describe why/how the product works (in detail) inadvertently puts forward the notion that the product can treat a specific skin condition.

Since this claim can not actually be made, it becomes difficult trying to describe how it works without violating FDA regulations. Nonetheless, investigating the formulation’s ingredients can provide a more in-depth understanding of science behind this solution.

Using a anti-dandruff shampoo alongside any of the BIOM8 formulations should not cause any issues. However, you may want to try each BIOM8 on it’s own to see how your skin behaves.

It’s recommended to use the “smallest amount possible to lightly cover the skin”. Essentially, you want to cover the skin in a thin layer of the oil, but prevent over-saturation.

What Happens When You Use Too Much

If you over-saturate the skin, your skin will not be able to breath properly and the end result will be a increase in skin temperature. This increased skin temperature could lead to unnecessary inflammation and irritation.

Thus, using too much oil should be avoided and this is a common issue even amongst long-time users. With time, it seems it’s easy to become less attentive during application.

Minimum Amount

The minimum amount of oil to be used really depends on the size of the area you wish to cover. Typically, a pump or two (from the lotion or spray pump bottles) should be enough to cover the face and ears.

At certain times, more oil can be used. This is especially true during sunny weather, as this can assist the skin in retaining additional moisture and preventing sun-burn.

Water is a Crucial Component of Application

The amount of water/moisture present on the skin has a strong impact on the amount of oil required to cover the skin. More water/moisture will help dilute the oil and allow less product to be used.

For this reason, it important to wet the skin before application and apply the Skin Conditioning Oil while the skin still has adequate moisture.

Both First Class Mail and Priority Mail are delivered via the United States Postal Service and depend on a third party service for initial transit from Canada to the USA, while the DHL Express travels directly to destination.

USPS Service Details

Both available USPS shipping services (First Class Mail and Priority Mail) utilize a two step process:

USPS Shipping Process - Step 1
Initial transport of the shipment from Vancouver, Canada to Blaine, USA is handled by a private courier named ChitChats
USPS Shipping Process - Step 2
Once the shipment arrives in Blaine, the USPS processes the item through their outbound warehouse and handles transport to the delivery address

The first step in this process, adds an day to the delivery standards provided by the USPS.

DHL Express Details

The DHL Express service is a door-to-door delivery service and these shipments depart directly from our outbound facility. As they travel direct, delivery standards are not impacted and most shipments typically arrive next business day.

Tracking Information Consolidation

As a result of the two step USPS process, each shipment is assigned two separate tracking IDs during it’s journey; one by ChitChats and another by the USPS.

Sample tracking codes

If all systems are functioning as they should, each subsequent tracking number should pass it’s details to the previous system. For this reason, the ChitChats identifier is generally preferred (as it contains all tracking data from start to finish). However, in some cases, not all details are correctly passed along and you may find the USPS system contains the most up-to-date information.

Perioral Dermatitis and various other forms of dermatitis (skin inflammation) are at times simply the side effects of prolonged hydrocorstione usage (source, source). Sometimes it just takes time off of hydrocortisone for these issues to resolve themselves.

In terms of long term safety, it shouldn’t be any different then using any other oil based cream. A large portion of the most popular cosmetic products on the market contain these same oils.

In any case, each ingredient’s specification data and safety profile is also carefully examined and reviewed. This helps ensure that only natural ingredients make it into the BIOM8 formulations.

For example, most of the ingredients used in the Skin Conditioning Oil are food grade quality (safe for consumption) and are integrated into the BIOM8 formulations within a month or two of their original production dates. Nonetheless, the finished products should only be used on the skin.

Most users have reported that they notice changes within the first 2-3 days of usage. Others have reported much slower progress and no noticeable changes for several weeks of usage.

If no changes are seen within the first week of usage, perhaps a different approach may need to be considered.

Tip From Michael

My own belief is that if a formulation does not produce any noticeable changes within the first week of usage, it’s unlike to work. This is what I’ve typically told people that have asked this question. However, there have been users that indicated seeing changes after more then a month. As a result, it’s difficult to really give a definitive answer.

In general, it appears that psoriasis is closely related to the immune system issues. As a result, many of the documented treatment options are typically more systemic.

One of the most promising topical treatment approaches for psoriasis appears to be fumaric acid esters, but one would need to closely examine the safety information before such treatment.

If you suffer from both seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis, perhaps your immune system may be struggling. Improper immune system function and these two conditions can often go hand in hand. Strengthening and restoring immune system function could lead to substantial improvements of both conditions.

There are currently no physical stores that carry any of the BIOM8 formulations. And at this time, the only official location to purchase any of formulations, is through this website.

Retail availability has been planned for quite a while now, but my focus has been mostly on further development of the research and eBook.

The main role of all BIOM8 formulations is to help restore the skin’s natural defence barrier. And since faulty skin barrier function is one of the main feature of rosacea, some impact may been seen.

Rosacea Sub-Types

Current users who suffer from both rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis have reported significant improvement in rosacea symptoms. However, rosacea has significantly more sub-types then seborrheic dermatitis. Each of which may require it’s own unique approach and customized treatment.

Most commonly the Skin Conditioning Oil is used once per day. However, some individuals favor more frequent applications, while others switch to more intermittent schedules (1-2 per week).

Tip From Michael

Personally, I use it every time I decide to wash my face. 99% of the time this is at least once a day (usually a night). However, some days I take a shower in the morning and before bed. On these days I rinse my face and apply the Skin Conditioning Oil multiple times.

The account registration feature is only available during the checkout process. At this time, there isn’t any separate registration process available.

Items available on backorder typically ship within a week after the order is received.
Inventory is restocked on a weekly basis, and stock is kept at a minimum to ensure quality and freshness.

Out of Stock Items

Items that are not in-stock and would not be available within this time estimate above will display “Out of Stock”.

Possible Delays Outside Estimate

There may be circumstances which could prevent timely arrival of fresh inventory. In these cases, individuals with affected orders will be notified via email with additional details.

This most affordable international shipping option (Small Packet Air) does not include tracking. Once the package is dropped off at the local post office, there is no way to locate the shipment until it arrives at your address.

So far, this service has been quite reliable. In almost 2000 shipments, only two have had to be resent.

There have been shipments that have encountered significant delays. This appears to be most commonly due to customs issues, which are difficult to predict. If your order does not come within the estimate time-frame, please submit an order support request.