It’s recommended to use the “smallest amount possible to lightly cover the skin”. Essentially, you want to cover the skin in a thin layer of the oil, but prevent over-saturation.

What Happens When You Use Too Much

If you over-saturate the skin, your skin will not be able to breath properly and the end result will be a increase in skin temperature. This increased skin temperature could lead to unnecessary inflammation and irritation.

Thus, using too much oil should be avoided and this is a common issue even amongst long-time users. With time, it seems it’s easy to become less attentive during application.

Minimum Amount

The minimum amount of oil to be used really depends on the size of the area you wish to cover. Typically, a pump or two (from the lotion or spray pump bottles) should be enough to cover the face and ears.

At certain times, more oil can be used. This is especially true during sunny weather, as this can assist the skin in retaining additional moisture and preventing sun-burn.

Water is a Crucial Component of Application

The amount of water/moisture present on the skin has a strong impact on the amount of oil required to cover the skin. More water/moisture will help dilute the oil and allow less product to be used.

For this reason, it important to wet the skin before application and apply the Skin Conditioning Oil while the skin still has adequate moisture.

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